First carbon fiber milling: Akroquad – a 210mm quadcopter

Frame: Now available for purchase! (25.3$)

Suggested setup:



PDB is a good plus but one can solder the leads together


Props: 5″ 2-blade, for example:

Battery: 850-1000mAh 2S

Quick FPV-addon (cam+video tx) : REMEMBER TO PROTECT THE ANTENNA!

Goggles for FPV:

All body parts: 16.1gr



250 racing quad



Adding damped Mobius-platform

1300mAh 3S fits just fine..


But 1800mAh 4S doesn’t..

Let’s remake the platform, now it fits! (flying weight with battery+mobius 585gr, without batt+mobius 354gr)

G-code fixing tool

The plugin for Eagle PCB CAD called pcb-gcode is great, don’t get me wrong. But somehow it wants to start the coordinate system so that the X values are negative. Also it made some strange “margin” in Y-axis which makes alignment of the actual PCB to be milled difficult.

So I wrote a tool that can:

  • automatically translate the axis so that there is no negative values
  • automatically detect the actual “working piece” (values with negative Z) and use the working area’s “zero” as actual workpath zero. This way you can set the home to zero at the physical location where you want the mill to be started.

See this picture for the original gcode generated by the Eagle ULP:

Näyttökuva 2014-8-19 kello 22.24.07

And then gcode my program generated, reloaded back to the software itself (the green cross indicates gcode x+y zero point). The toolhead still visits to negative Y-values at the start but that’s too difficult to be removed (see the line that goes to bottom right corner):

Näyttökuva 2014-8-19 kello 22.23.18