Monthly Archives: October 2015

Turning CNC mill into a cutter (with a 3D printer)    

I combined my 3D printer and CNC mill and turned my 6040 CNC into a cutter. I designed and printed a Roland vinyl/sticker cutter blade holder. Search ebay for “roland blade holder” if the previous link is invalid. I published the .stl file for it, feel free to scroll down. To use this you need a 65mm spindle motor. The part where the adapter is attached is 49mm in dia.

First test to a paper:

And yes; first cut is the deepest! (and CNC guy takes it one step at at time..) After few adjustments and retries I got a decent stencil for some fabric prints (the logo is our FPV team’s logo).


I used just a sponge to tap the paint into the fabric (these are tube hats/scarfs/whatever). Not the best quality yet, but close enough! (next step, buy a silkscreen mesh)



Nice one evening project!

Download the 3D model here: roland_blade_holder.stl