My standards

Video RX: larger servo connector (pins inside). Yellow=signal, brown=gnd, red=12V

Camera: the real servo connector (smaller, holes). Yellow=signal, brown=gnd, red=battery voltage

I2C: pin order: VCC, GND, SCL, SDA

FTDI-port (microcontroller side): GND, GND, VCC, uC’s RX, uC’s TX, DTR (goes to 0.1uF in series, then to reset pin of uC)

Biltema two-sided green tape: width 25mm, thickness 1.2mm


8AWG 6.5MM 200 amps
10AWG 5.5MM 140 amps
12AWG 4.5MM 90 amps
14AWG 3.5MM 60 amps
16AWG 3.0MM 35 amps
18AWG 2.8MM 20 amps
20AWG 2.0MM 12 amps
22AWG 1.7MM 10 amps
24AWG 1.6MM 6 amp