Naarmuton, a 180 size FPV quadcopter

Self milled from 2mm thick carbon fiber sheet.

Motor: RCX H1306 3200KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor (Performance Racing)


Motors, ESCs, PDB, power connector total137gr – 35gr = 102gr 

First flights without FPV, weight with battery 264gr:
Final setup with FPV capability, 230gr without battery and 302gr with 950mAh 3S battery. The FPV setup (camera + TX) added 32gr weight):


PID tuning

Really hard. Either the carbon fiber resonates or some motors are unbalanced. However with these PID values I got somehow decent full throttle:

Näyttökuva 2015-8-22 kello 14.29.39


I used betaflight with these new filters:

set gyro_cut_hz = 40
set pterm_cut_hz = 30
set dterm_cut_hz = 12

.. But returned back to defaults.