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ifelse – X-shape racing quad


Maiden flights 6.6.2016 


Used Dalprop 3-blade 5″ on maiden. Didn’t notice any massive differnce to my Sunnysky 2204-setups except the overall sound seemed more even and much more smoother. Maybe this is because of the pro-version of little bee ESCs? (higher PWM frequency?)

I got 6 minutes flight time (with semi-hard acro’ing) on 1800mAh battery. No flight time difference. Motors (RCX 2205) and ESCs (littlebee 20A pro) were not warm at all, almost totally cool.


I really have to admit that I couldn’t notice any difference now when I flew on sbus compared to CPPM. Experts say there is a day-night difference but I doubt it a little. No difference on my skills.

Boris changed the expo functionality between 2.7.0 – 2.8. Dunno if I’m really satisfied with it. Maybe I liked more 2.7.0 expo style. I was flying with rcrate 1.0 and r&p rates to 0.9 and the flip was quite aggressive with super expo. Not that I couldn’t handle it, but it had a really “switchy” feel, like on/off command style. I probably like more linear style than this way.

To be fixed

Foxeer camera picture is really crappy by default. Need to modify the shipped joystick-cable to get access to video + controls same time. Some lines across the picture, probably because now I need to use a switching regulator because the littlebee’s fry the camera otherwise. Must test with capacitor.

Some little twitching on the flight performance and definely clear propwash effect (running BetaFlight/MOTOLAB 2.8.0 Jun  2 2016 / 09:48:00 (09f5c85)). Ideas: more gyro LPF, betaflight 2.7.0. Blackbox into use.

Problem solved: Motolab Cyclone FC was defect, the gyro made sudden glitches in-flight (no signs of these when motors not running). Changed a new Cyclone FC and it works flawlessly, no signs of glitches at any time.

Because of debugging I ended running on 500 looptime, oneshot125 and it feels the best racer I have had so far.

Camera angle

First tried with maybe 25-30 degrees angle but that’s too little to really use the power from this copter. 35 degrees is really close to correct. I don’t need to fly fast, but when I need to accelerate to another direction (after U-turn) the copter must tilt as much as needed and still I need to be able to see where I’m going.

My suggestions for camera angle are:

  • 10-15 degrees for beginners practicing gates (I wouldn’t start at zero angle at all)
  • 25 degrees for acro-only
  • 35 degrees for hardcore racing


Näyttökuva 2016-05-16 kello 19.09.27

Näyttökuva 2016-05-16 kello 19.09.33


Näyttökuva 2016-05-16 kello 19.09.44

Bottom plate ordered from Armattan Productions (slooooow…):

Camera box at the top, milled with my CNC from 2mm carbon sheet:


Camera at 35 degree angle:  

(still missing a mobius holder plate from the top.. maybe some day)

Motor RCX H2205 (V2) 2350KV Multirotor Outrunner Brushless Motor Model: H2205-6
KV: 2350KV
Weight: Approx. 24-25g (net weight included long AWG cables)
AWG Cable: 15cm
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5mm (CW)
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 5mm
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Configuration: 12N14P
Motor Dimensions: Φ26.6*15.3mm
ldle Current: 0.79A @ 10V
Internal Resistance: 0.109Ω
ESC RCX 20A Pro (FVT Little Bee) Mini BLHeli Multirotor ESC This is a Pro version released in April 2016. It has F39X MCU instead of F33X. So it support even higher RPM motor than before.
Size in 24.5×12.5mm (Super Mini and Lightweight)
Pre-Flashed with BLHeli Firmware V14.
Oneshot125 Available – Faster communication between flight controller.
Damped Mode Available
It supports 2-4S with 20A continuous load and 30A peak (10 seconds)
Bootloader Enabled – you can flash new firmware and configure settings via USB using the servo cable.
FC MotoLab Cyclone The Cyclone uses the STM32F3 CPU withARM-Cortex M4 core and floating-point coprocessor for more efficient execution of fast looptime control algorithms, along with the low-noise MPU-6000 SPI-bus gyro chip for faster acquisition of gyro data.This board is compatible with the recent revisions of Betaflight firmware, using the betaflight_MOTOLAB target files. The PWM outputs are bidirectional, and the board is compatible with BLHeli ESC passthrough programming using an external CP2102 USB-to-serial converter connected to UART 1.

The design also provides:

An on-board 600mA switching regulator for direct connection to lipos up to 4S, or up to 6S with power filtering.

USB interface independent of UART channels.

Three hardware UARTs. The UART 2 TxD signal is also pinned out to a connector.

Reverse current protection on lipo and USB inputs for problem-free ESC calibration.

Dedicated serial LED output with lipo voltage and GND.

On-board buzzer driver with 5V and lipo voltage option.

Built-in VBAT monitor with low-pass filter from lipo input.

Built-in RSSI monitor with low-pass filter.

Dedicated SAT receiver interface with 3.3v using JST connector for compatibility with Spektrum/LemonRC cables.

Dedicated PPM and serial receiver interfaces with 5V power using 0.1″ headers.

Compatibility with receivers using Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, SumD and SumH receivers with built-in inverter.

High-quality gold plated 4-layer printed circuit board.

Connector arrangement for convenient access to serial interfaces, with PWM and other device connections on sturdy through-hole pin headers.

Camera Foxeer XAT600M DC5V-22V 600tvl Sony Super HAD CCD FPV Camera lens:2.8
Connector position:top connector
Mode:IR sensitive

Turning CNC mill into a cutter (with a 3D printer)    

I combined my 3D printer and CNC mill and turned my 6040 CNC into a cutter. I designed and printed a Roland vinyl/sticker cutter blade holder. Search ebay for “roland blade holder” if the previous link is invalid. I published the .stl file for it, feel free to scroll down. To use this you need a 65mm spindle motor. The part where the adapter is attached is 49mm in dia.

First test to a paper:

And yes; first cut is the deepest! (and CNC guy takes it one step at at time..) After few adjustments and retries I got a decent stencil for some fabric prints (the logo is our FPV team’s logo).


I used just a sponge to tap the paint into the fabric (these are tube hats/scarfs/whatever). Not the best quality yet, but close enough! (next step, buy a silkscreen mesh)



Nice one evening project!

Download the 3D model here: roland_blade_holder.stl

CNC milling / carving copper PCB

I’ve got best results milling the PCB with this kind of tools:

Näyttökuva 2015-9-21 kello 21.56.59

You can find them on ebay with words “Carbide PCB Engraving Bits CNC Router Tool 90 Degree 0.1mm”.

My settings for PCB-GCODE are:

Depth 0.1mm
Tool size 0.25mm

Näyttökuva 2015-9-21 kello 21.49.07

In eagle’s DRC / DRU I usually set the “sizes” tab “minimum width” to 0.8mm, but with carefull positioning of the clad I have achieved 0.4mm minimum widths.

Naarmuton, a 180 size FPV quadcopter

Self milled from 2mm thick carbon fiber sheet.

Motor: RCX H1306 3200KV Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor (Performance Racing)


Motors, ESCs, PDB, power connector total137gr – 35gr = 102gr 

First flights without FPV, weight with battery 264gr:
Final setup with FPV capability, 230gr without battery and 302gr with 950mAh 3S battery. The FPV setup (camera + TX) added 32gr weight):


PID tuning

Really hard. Either the carbon fiber resonates or some motors are unbalanced. However with these PID values I got somehow decent full throttle:

Näyttökuva 2015-8-22 kello 14.29.39


I used betaflight with these new filters:

set gyro_cut_hz = 40
set pterm_cut_hz = 30
set dterm_cut_hz = 12

.. But returned back to defaults.






This is my version of a carbon 250 quad. It’s based on Hammer v 3.0 plans (big thanks!) but I have made some modifications that suit my taste.

The carbon pieces are self milled on 1.1mm carbide tool. 16.200rpm, 0.5mm layer, 210mm/min.


Each arm weights 10.1gr. Thickness 2.91mm. Modified from Hammer arms; removed that suddenly narrowing shape (weak point) and made it “evenly breakable”. They are still 100% compatible with the original Hammer design.



The two identical base body plates weighted 23,8gr each. They are 2mm thick carbon fiber.

Motivational assembly! 100gr total at this point.


DXF’s of arms and base body

Spacers (stl) and upper deck (dxf)