Racing quad setup – February 2017

This is my suggestion to question, what should I buy to build a racing quad. I tried to find only one choice, these choices should be good in overall. Everyone has their own opinion, but I think you don’t go in wrong direction with these selections.

This list uses banggood as source mostly. Bangood is a new “hobbyking”: has reasonable service (which HK doesn’t have) and cheap prices. If there’s any trouble with banggood please inform me and I will supply other sources for parts. But so far so good with banggood!

Frame + FC + Motors + ESCs + Props complete setup

A good deal with many of necessary items:$112)

(for FPV you need also RC transmitter, RC receiver, FPV camera, video transmitter, antenna, goggles (with receiver and antenna), batteries)


Flight Controller

Use betaflight 3.1 or newer version. Betaflight is good choice if you’re starting hobby. Stock PID settings. Dshot300 recommended. If you want to step to Kiss FC & ESCs, they’re totally OK. More expensive.


Speed Controllers

For Finnish buyers:


Kingkong 5x4x3 (buy plenty!)


Headset (remember to buy a battery for this)

Video transmitter

Note: remember to check antenna standard! (no need to buy anything else than 25mW, really – atleast when getting started)

For little bit more serious racing: (progammable with the wand, more power options, “pit area power/frequency” etc.)


Note: remember to check antenna standard!

For finnish buyers, the mighty Väättäri antennas.


.. but change lens to 2.1mm (wider, better, stronger, faster, harder):

RC transmitter

I would suggest Futaba RC transmitter + receiver with SBUS output, they have really low latency and good reception quality. Also Spektrum DX8 could be a good choice. FrSky Taranis is really popular these days but it has too many issues with transmission/reception quality along with the EU-firmware messup etc.

Charger (good, proven with many units) (newcomer, should be OK – some fixable display problems currently)