Racing quad setup – June 2017

This is my suggestion to question, what should I buy to build a racing quad. I tried to find only one choice, these choices should be good in overall. Everyone has their own opinion, but I think you don’t go in wrong direction with these selections.


Flight Controller

Betaflight FC

Dampening mount (a must!)

Use betaflight 3.1.7 or newer version. Betaflight is good choice if you’re starting hobby. Stock PID settings. Dshot300 recommended.


Speed Controllers


Kingkong 5x4x3 (buy plenty!)


Headset (remember to buy a battery for this)

Video transmitter

Note: remember to check antenna standard!

A bit expensive but high quality transmitter: (configuration can be changed via betaflight OSD)

Tramp at hobbyking:


Note: remember to check antenna standard!

Menace Raptor Pagoda antenna:


.. but change lens to 2.1mm (wider, better, stronger, faster, harder):


Lights (“inside” arms) (choose IP65=filled silicone protection, 60leds/m)

RC transmitter

Turnigy Evolution, comes with receiver + battery. Works as joystick in computer, USB charging. Light. Low latency, good range.

Charger (good, proven with many units)